CaVaLa Park

At the intersection of Canal, Varrick and Laight Streets- hence the pseudo acronym name. A new passive area park was built by Atlas where it previously was an unattractive parking lot. Work included site coordination with noted fountain/sculpture artist Elyn Zimmerman to create a large stepped water feature as a focal element reminiscent of the 'canal' that once flowed along Canal Street.

Scope Of Work:
Demolition and removals, grading and drainage, installation of curvilinear walkways with decorative NYC hexagonal paving, curbs with ornamental custom stainless steel fencing, benches and game tables, lampposts, a 114- foot long sculptural fountain with granite seat walls and adjacent sunning lawn area. At each entrance are granite piers with etched stainless steel plaques with images from the past that tell of the area's urban evolution. Landscaping including a double row of street trees and large planting beds filled with flowering shrubs and colorful perennials.

From Tribeca Citizen News:
CaVaLa Park is proof that there's truth in the maxim, "If you build it, they will come." In the half hour we spent there, young boys dipped their hands in the fountain, workers strolled through, and tourists snapped photos
Local Citizens Comments:
1- Nice and peaceful, a beautiful park. I once had an old print of the canal on Canal St. I'm reminded of it by the new canal. Congrats to all on bringing water and green to what was a fairly desolate area.
2- It’s amazing how the sounds of nature can neutralize the noxious sounds of the city. A moment’s peace can last a whole day.


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